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The Star of Park Ave

September 2013 (Worcester, MA) – When you drive down Park Ave you see a variety of businesses whose buildings exhibit a wide range of maintenance and updating.  Some parts of Worcester, such as Grafton Hill and Downtown, have recently been in he spotlight for focusing on building renovations contributing to the rejuvenation of the city.  Now Vision Source of Worcester,, at 335 Park Ave joins the list of meticulously renovated buildings, and shines as the star of Park Ave.  Since its renovation by Kenny Exteriors Inc. in August, the property stands out as one of the most visually appealing buildings in the area.






Many property owners are choosing to work with experienced contractors who know how to maintain the historic look of properties during updating.  335 Park Ave is a building with a history of fire and general wear and tear over the years. Mike Kenny of Kenny Exteriors Inc. enjoyed working with  Vision Source business owners, Brian and Valerie Thamel, who were helpful in providing their input in planning the renovation of their building. The renovation consisted of a rubber roofing system, Carolina Beaded siding and Monogram siding, handicap ramp, custom carpentry, exterior doors, and concrete and paint work.


Kenny Exteriors Inc. completed another restoration project highlighting the historic appeal of a property at 70 Commodore Rd, on the West Side of Worcester.  Together, Mike Kenny and the homeowner, Larry Ellis, decided to install CertainTeed Cedar Impressions vinyl siding. This product allowed  the architectural appeal of the home to remain.

With expert knowledge about building products, the right contractor can always bring exterior beauty to old and historic properties.


Homeowners Face Challenges Using Insurance Funds to Repair their Homes 

Press Release September 2012 - While many home improvement contractors turn down jobs involving homeowners’ insurance, Kenny Exteriors Inc. accepts these jobs without complaint.  Homeowners using insurance funds to repair their property may have difficulty finding contractors.  Although contractors often view and bid such jobs, many contractors ultimately decline the jobs upon discovering that payment involves the homeowner’s insurance company.

Some contractors find insurance jobs inconvenient because there may be extra paperwork and they may have to wait for the insurance companies to release the funds.  In some cases, contractors have to wait 2-3 weeks to receive payment.  This can be a challenge for many smaller contractors who do not have the cash flow to support payroll and material costs without immediate job payments. 

In preparation for fall and winter storms, it is helpful for homeowners to be aware that there are contractors with experience working with insurance companies.  High quality contractors, such as Kenny Exteriors Inc., take on insurance jobs without a problem.  Kenny Exteriors Inc. has experience working with Liberty Mutual, Commerce and other home insurance carriers. Kenny Exteriors’ most recent insurance jobs have been completed during August and are in progress this September. The process is seamless while Kenny Exteriors Inc. helps with paperwork and is accustomed to being named as the second payee on insurance checks. 

Local Contractor Provides ApolloTM Solar Roofing System from CertainTeed


Press Release May 2012 - CertainTeed Corporation is revolutionizing the roofing industry with the introduction of the ApolloTM Solar Roofing System, featuring highly integrated solar panels into the roofing system.  From CertainTeed’s solar web site,, “Imagine traditional roofing shingles with a smooth, sleek profile that look as beautiful as they are powerful.”


Kenny Exteriors Inc. has been Worcester County’s number one choice for quality home improvement and has recently added CertainTeed’s ApolloTM Solar Roofing System to their home improvement product line. The company owner, Michael Kenny, strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Kenny works with homeowners throughout the process to answer any questions and streamline the solar installation project.


The performance, design aesthetics, and the ergonomics of the Apollo system make it an ideal solution in reducing our dependence on traditional energy sources,” says Guillaume Texier, president of CertainTeed Roofing. “Through the introduction of Apollo, CertainTeed is helping roofing contractors meet the growing homeowner demand for solar roofing, which ultimately makes solar technology more accessible to the average home.”


Because solar roofing converts sunlight into electricity, a homeowner draws less electricity from his/her electric meter, and reduces his/her electricity bill.  Sometimes the entire electricity usage is covered by the solar source, and sometimes the solar produces even more power than the home uses.  CertainTeed’s solar web site,, notes that “In some cases if you don’t use all the electricity your roof makes, the excess power flows back through your meter into the power grid. And your electric bill goes down even further as a result. *Programs vary by state.” The product qualifies for a 30 percent federal tax credit and may be eligible for state rebates and incentives listed at

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Home Show Coming Soon Spring 2012

Come visit Kenny Exteriors Inc at the Spring 2012 Home Show at the Worcester DCU Center March 9 to March 11. This is a great opportunity to learn more about our services including siding, roofing, windows/doors, carpentry, decks, additions and interior remodeling.  Get a FREE pass at the Expo Management web site, See you soon!

Cedar Siding and Home Remodeling December 2011

Kenny Exteriors Inc recently completed a beautiful cedar siding job and home remodeling project.  Kenny Exteriors would like to remind customers that we provide specialty services such as cedar siding, and many customers don't know that we also handle additions and interior home remodeling and carpentry too!


Cedar Siding Worcester MA Cedar Siding Worcester MA Cedar Siding Worcester MA

Cedar Siding Worcester MA Cedar Siding Worcester MACedar Siding Worcester MA

Lead-Safe Home Renovation October 2011

Kenny Exteriors Inc consistently pursues continuing education. Michael Kenny attended the Mass RRP Certification Course on Oct. 19, 2011 with The Contractor Coaching Partnership, Inc. which was held at the Safety Training location in Auburn, MA. This course discussed compliance with the EPA and Mass DOS RRP Lead Rule. According to the regulation, home improvement contractors who disturb painted surfaces on homes built before 1978 need to be RRP (renovation, repair and painting) trained and "follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination." Learn more about Massachusetts's rule at RRP.

Preparing for Hurricane Irene August 2011

Kenny Exteriors Inc has prepared for Hurricane Irene. Our job sites have been secured. We have stocked up on supplies and materials. We have a vast supply of tarps available for emergency. Our staff is ready for on-the-call emergency roofing repairs, emergency siding repairs, emergency tarping of roofs and any carpentry repairs necessary.  Our staff is ready to serve you in the event that your home is  affected by this storm.  We provide hurricane and storm damage repairs in Worcester County and MetroWest Masschusetts locations, including, but not limited to Worcester, Shrewsbury, Northborough, Westborough, Millbury, Grafton and many more locations. Our company wishes you and your family safety during this time.


Solar Pays Off

Local Roofer Teams up with Solar Specialist

Ashburnham April 2011 was a time to invest in home improvement and solar alternatives, as a local Ashburnham family, the LeBlancs, hired a local residential remodeling company, Kenny Exteriors Inc., 508-798-8100, and a local solar panel specialist, New England Breeze Solar,, 978-567-9463. New England Breeze Solar was founded in 2006 and specializes in residential installations of solar electric and solar water heating systems. The LeBlancs wisely chose to install solar panels on their home, but they needed a remodeling company to install their new roof first. The LeBlancs’ roofing project was completed on April 13, 2011 and their solar panel installation was completed on April 21, 2011.


When it comes to solar panels, the roof is not just the enclosure and protector of the interior of the home; it also becomes the base of the solar panel installation.  The roof has to be solid and reliable, as it functions as the foundation for the solar panels.  Kenny Exteriors Inc. is based out of Worcester, MA, and the LeBlancs chose this contractor for the roof installation after they met the owner, Michael Kenny. The LeBlancs chose Kenny Exteriors Inc. because “they had a good feeling.” They met two other contractors who proved to be either inconsistent or over-priced. It helped that Michael Kenny brought twenty five years of experience, the ability to explain the project and the willingness to work well with the solar specialist.


Kenny Exteriors Inc. also uses high quality materials such as CertainTeed roofing shingles, and Michael is a credentialed installer of CertainTeed products.  The roofing shingles used for the LeBlanc project are designed to ensure the sturdiness of the home for many years to come and include a lifetime limited warranty. Kenny Exteriors Inc. also uses ShingleVent II which is manufactured by Air Vent Inc.  Air Vent products are paramount in the industry and keep the roof surface adequately cool in the summer and dry in the winter.  This further supports the environment required for the solar panels.


Today many people are turning to solar alternatives to reap cost savings along with incentives including grants and tax credits.  According to New England Breeze Solar, a Hudson, MA based company, the Ashburnham project included “project funding through the Commonwealth Solar II grant, and the MA Clean Energy Center provided funding for 20% of the system cost.” The company also expects the LeBlancs will be eligible to “claim a Federal tax credit of 30% of the installed system cost and another $1,000 state tax credit.”


Based on research provided by New England Breeze Solar, the LeBlancs should expect that “the solar electric system should provide about 75% of the home’s current electrical usage. The money invested in the system will show a return on investment of about 18%, and the system will pay for itself with energy savings and the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) in the first 5-7 years.”  It’s clear the LeBlancs made a wise, energy-saving investment which will benefit them in day-to-day living along with enhancing the long-term stability and value of their home.

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